Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green Tips for HKU

二犬十一咪為香港大學可持續發展辦公室創作" Green Tips 2011 " .
seemanho's latest works " Green Tips 2011 " created for HKU Sustainability Office.

To Save Water - shower more, bathe less

Go Local: Discover and Enjoy the Pleasures of Locally Grown Food

Buy used furniture and books

Save a tree – Go paper free

Flying green, Flying free

Be a Fan : As the weather heats up, spare a thought for the fan

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Equality 平等

Equality: Buddhists believe that all sentient beings are equal. So that eating an animal body is just the same as eating a human body. Work by Seemanho, 2011.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Post-Show Report in CUHK 報告展覽在中大

Post-Show Report of Reclamation Exercise Eco Art

Performance: Yuenjie, Seemanho
Music: Ho Him Shun
Foyer, Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, CUHK
18-02-2011 to 25-02-2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post-Show Report of Reclamation Exercise Eco Art 《回收作業》生態藝術報告展

Post-Show Report
From 08/2010 to 02/2011

In this post-show report, the half-year organical development of “Reclamation Exercise Eco Art” is displayed in the form of photography and video documentary. The energy required by the presentation of photography documentary is powered by an electricity generator manipulates by manpower pedaling (designed by Ir LO Kok-keung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Mechanical Engineering). The power generated is used for operating a 46 voltage television and a 16 voltage DVD player, to enable the viewers to gain first hand experience in production-consumption in an Eco way by generating the power to be used by themselves, hoping to allow the viewers to reconsider the ecological issues for resources consumption, so as to initiate the first step of Eco Art in Hong Kong. 

Curator and Artist: Seeman Ho
Photography documentary: Tse Hiu Yu
Video documentary: Ng yee shuen, Chan Wing Shan
Workshop photography documentary: Siaw Hew Wah
Technical consultant: Ir LO Kok-keung
Technical support + Music: Ho Him Shun
Performance: Yuenjie


(left: Manpower pedaling and LO Kok-keung)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(7)

Exhibition 裝置展覽

Lohas in room104
Installation, 2009

Description: Exhibition in reply to the artist’s publication <Leung In Ten Years>. It presented the possibility of modern living style. “Lohas” is a spirit of getting close with the natural environment. At room 104 Police Married Quarters, a historical building, the artist collected different interesting recycle materials, to re-construct a forest environment. But looking inside from the window, it became a zoological park which is caged.

裝置展覽, 2009

展覽簡介:展覽是回應作者2009 <娘足十年>出版書籍。呈現現代人居住的可能性。<娘住>是一種試圖接近自然,以自然為本的生活精神。於已經成為古蹟的中區警察宿舍104號房間,她拾荒各式各樣有趣物件,模擬森林境地。從房間窗外往內看,卻變成了鐵籠中一個動物園。

Exhibition 裝置展覽

Talk with a vacuum (USA)
Installation and performance, 2007

Description: The exhibition is a confession of the artist. It recorded the artist’s experience with different people when having meals. In China, close relatives treating a meal as important as wonderful and intimate activities. However, in nowadays city life is insensitive. The two people in a table, are wordless, tasteless when eating, it’s everyday situation. To rebuild the table scenery, be thankful to the sacrifice of life, to treasure the food and love.
Bryan Zanisnik and seemanho (performer) / Jorge Mendez Blake (photographs)
裝置展覽及演出 2007

Bryan Zanisnik and seemanho (performer) / Jorge Mendez Blake (photographs)


1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(6)

Exhibition 裝置展覽

Installation, 2006

Description: It is the variation of the poem <How to get closer to you, Forest>(Exhibition “A work made with the story that is burnt”. Exhibition came after the poem, making a hundred of ginger bread to share the love and happiness with the audience. Nothing is happier then we can still feel the heartbeats of the people we care.

installation, 2006
展覽簡介:這是A work made with the story that is burnt展覽中<How to get closer to you, Forest>一詩之變奏,同樣是詩創作先於展覽。以自製百多件甜點--薑餅人,跟觀眾分享愛與喜悅。沒有什麼,比還感覺到親愛的人心跳,更值得高興。

I do not know how to get close to accuracy.
Rituals cannot make me get close to cleverness.
But I know that
who are standing right in front of me,
still have heartbeats.
Breathing in and out makes you not motionless.

I do not know how to get close to the sky
But I know that
my feet can still step on the soil.
I can gently breathe in your heartbeats.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(5)

Exhibition 裝置展覽

A work made with the story that is burnt (USA)
Installation and performance, 2006

Description: Rethink the wasteful of publication, re-examine the responsibility of publication. In 2006, the author had her ninth publication, thinking the relationship between paper and the forest. Two poems, with an exhibition and performance, the exhibition express the meaningless of some publication, the scarification of forest.

名稱:A work made with the story that is burnt 美國
裝置展覽及演出, 2006年


How to get closer to you, Forest
Cutting your trees,
sending them to the factory,
using low-priced printing oil.
Books are printed.
I can smell the smell of yours in the printed paper of the books.
You make things complete, but
your head and limbs are cut,
Your skin is peeled in strips.
Pieces of your flesh,

scatter on the floor.
All of them.

A work made with the story that is burnt
I tear, page and page of my book.
Inside, record my creations in four years.
Reconstruct, reform, realign.
I sit in front of them, and then,
digest the story that I wrote to represent my book.
The witch was cooking a bowl of warm herbal soup.
She climbed up a mountain to find wood.
The witch was cooking a bowl of warm herbal soup.
She got pure water from the lake.
Day by day,
failure following failure.
Each bowl of warm herbal soup is my emotion,
Each page of work is my soul.
Picking the witchy pair of scissors up,
a page becomes a paper child.
Burning, burning.
I Burn all of them away.
Release the dead in funeral rite,
My children can leave in ritual.
Ashes remain after the ritual of fire,
Green leaf will grow inside.
My work will grow inside.


1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(4)

Exhibition 裝置展覽

A Tree To Be Found
Installation and performance, 2003

Description: A grown and nourished tree, awaiting to be found and understood. Osho said, “something important should be understood, and it’s already existed”. Starting from eating behaviors, created a weird and story-telling exhibition. The moths thought that they will become firefly after eating the leaves, mother forced her children to eat Frankenfood. Children crave for food when they are tortured. Horse and goat quarrel because of bean and beancurd. What has made the difference between orange and tangerine. Chapter by chapter, the exhibition became a big story; a big world. With colorful visual impact, to present a respectful world view. “Love” is the final destination.

名稱: 有棵沒人種的樹 
裝置展覽及演出 2003


Friday, February 11, 2011

1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(3)

Publication 出版作品

Name of book: Leung In Ten Years
Drawing, Photos and text, 2009

Description: The author used “Leung”(old-fashioned) to describe the living lifestyle here and now. With her 10 years of green life, she wrote down and drew us the method good living. To put down the heaviness, slowing tasting the life, feeling easy. According to the basic needs of wearing, eating, living, walking and heart, she talked about love towards the world. This is the most intimacy work of the author.

書名: 娘足十年
繪畫, 攝影及文字, 2009年

內容簡介: 作者以<娘>來形容當下最時尚的生活態度。用個人十年綠色生活經驗,繪畫和寫下心靈與生活之綠色生活方法。放下沉重,慢慢感覺,輕鬆自然。依照活著之基本需要<衣食住行和自心>,談自然情說人互愛。這是作者歷來最親切的作品。

1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(2)

Publication 出版作品

Name of book: Their Cries
Yummy Dragon Comics, 2002
Description: By comic stories, drawing out the dark side of cultivation in modern farmland. Author was then names as “Sweet Terrorist”. The book inspired by Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation”, which disclosed the ethical problem of cultivation method towards animals. With lovely visual impact instead of bloody pictures, to present the disrespectful food and drink culture. To let us consider the advantage of taking vegetarian food.

書名: 牠們的哭泣聲
和味龍漫畫, 2002年

內容簡介: 以漫畫故事形式,繪畫出現代農場黑暗的養殖情況。作者因此被冠稱<甜美恐怖分子>。作品啟發自<動物解放>一書,撕開養殖場對待豬牛雞之殘酷行為。以可人的影像,代替血淋淋的畫面,呈現不尊重生命的飲食文化。不見天日的豬,剪掉嘴巴和爪的雞,出下來便沒媽媽的小牛。。。如地下工廠般的農場,我們應認真反思素食好處。

1999-2009 Reminiscence of my Eco Art Works個人生態藝術回憶錄(1)

Publication  出版作品

Name of book: Girl Meets Raindrop
Storie and illustration, 1999
Description: With couple of metaphor stories, to unveil the contradiction of “human world” and “natural environment”. Stories include author’s love toward every lives in the world. To rethink human being living in natural world, to rethink the behavior of over development. It recall the readers’ reflection toward their existence in the world. bringing out tears and laughter, it’s just both side of the same coin, good and bad is always coexist. (This book is adapted to theatre in 2005)

書名: 當大舊頭遇上雨點
繪本, 1999年

內容簡介: 以多個懚喻式故事,呈現<人為世界>與<自然>的矛盾。短故事包涵了作者對自然及其他生命之情,反省人活於自然,過度發展的行為。勾起讀者對生存之感想,引發出淚水或微笑,都只是一個硬幣的兩面,好壞處本來就是共存。(此作品於2005年改編成劇場作品發表)